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Tusa Imprex Mask

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TUSA's M-32 Hyperdry is a new and improved version of the extremely popular Imprex Hyperdry but boasting several improvements. The first of these is the inclusion of the patented Hyperdry system which allows for easy clearing of the mask with a single exhalation.

Secondly the mask incorporates side windows for enhanced panoramic and peripheral vision. Additionally TUSA's patented round edge skirt enables greater comfort with an excellent fit.

Hyperdry Purge
Clearing a mask has never been easier than with TUSA's hyperdry purge system. A one way valve means that you can simply exhale through your nose and any water in the mask will be pushed out through the one way valve which will then seal again afterwards.
Round Edge Skirt
A great fit and superior comfort is possible through TUSA's round edge skirt which features a proprietary round edge cross-sectional shaped skirt. This rounded edge results in a soft fit that limits pressure and reduces mask outlines left on the face.
Panoramic View
TUSA's panoramic view masks have a variety of designs which enable an incredibly wide field of view. These can include dome side windows, minimum frame volume, reduced frame structure as well as 3 and four window styles for maximum vision.


  • 3 Window design with enhanced panoramic view and peripheral vision
  • Hyperdry system for easy mask clearing
  • Round edge skirt for maximum comfort and fit
  • Low volume design