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My First Gear Set

New to Scuba Diving? No worries! Our experts at My Dive Gear presents you with an introduction to scuba equipment to help you choose the scuba gear that fits your needs.

My Dive Gear Care

Discover the best ways to look after your dive gear. Let our experts guide you through the do's and don'ts you ought to know to get you gear's top performance.

My Dive Gear Tool Box

There is nothing like being able to  fix small problems that would prevent you from diving when you are on the field




Best Dive shop in Melbourne! Highly skilled and motivated friendly staff.

Michael Mellita ilich Russell

Love these guys great service and knowledge!

Rob Vincent

Fantastic service, helpful, knowledgeable and just old fashioned nice. I made a sizing mistake, resolved without any hassle. Thanks again, much appreciated.

Gary Hardy

My Dive Gear Gift Cards

The present that they were waiting for

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