tovatec universal torch hand strap

Tovatec Universal Torch Handstrap

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Being able to keep the use of your hands whilst underwater not only makes diving safer but can also make many tasks much easier. the Tovatec Universal Torch Handstrap enables you to mount a small handheld torch to the back of your hand whilst maintaining the capacity to operate an underwater reel or camera.

The Handstrap is made from a soft and comfortable webbing material and includes velcro fittings enabling you to tighten the strap around your hand and also around the torch. The strap is compatible with lights up to 5.1cm in diameter.

  • Hands free operation of underwater dive light
  • Great for wreck, cave and cray diving
  • Adjustable velcro fasteners around hand and torch
  • Soft Comfortable webbing materials
  • Compatible with lights up to 5.1cm in diameter