Ocean Design SQR 420 Stainless Steel Knife

Ocean Design SQR 420 Stainless Steel Knife

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Constructed from 420 stainless steel the Ocean Design SQR combat divers knife is effective for both recreational and professional divers. 

The 125mm blade includes a serrated top edge for sawing through rope and a line cutter for taking care of fishing line. The handle includes a curved grip for easy handling and will be stowed in the secure quick release sheath which provides the most effective locking mechanism currently available. The end of the handle also includes a glass breaker.

The included neoprene sheath will provide secure placement on the divers legs compensating for compression of the wetsuit.



  • 420 Stainless Steel
  • Silent sheath technology
  • Neoprene leg harness
  • Self draining, squeeze and release locking nylon sheath
  • Sure hand curved grip for easy handling
  • Serrated top edge
  • Line cutter
  • Glass breaker handle
  • Neoprene leg harness
  • Blade length 125mm, Overall length 260mm
  • Point or blunt tip available