Rob Allen 7 Litre Rigid Foam Filled Float

Rob Allen Rigid Float w. Flag & Weight

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The industry leader in rigid float designs the Rob Allen Rigid Float w. Flag & Weight is a foam filled float available in both 7 and 12 litre designs.

Coming in a highly visible orange colour the float also includes an A flag indicating divers in the water. A keel weight positioned at the bottom of the float will ensure it stays upright and keeps the flag visible at all times. Two long line clips are included as standard on the float allowing for easy attachment of floatlines and spearguns.

The float is made from a tough Polyethylene shell which is blown with a high quality PO foam. A closed cell foam structure increases density against the shell making it tougher and providing resistance against drag from large fish.

  • Rigid float
  • High visibility orange colour
  • A Flag
  • Weighted keel
  • Two long line clips
  • Polyethylene shell
  • Closed cell foam structure