oceanpro hookah hk10 2nd stage regulator

Oceanpro Hookah 2nd Stage Regulator

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Ready for use with Hookah systems the Oceanpro Hookah Regulator is a commercial reg built on a tried and tested valve design that is capable to work at varying line pressures depending on which spring is installed.

The Oceanpro Hookah regulator comes factory tuned to 100psi line pressure meaning you can simply add your whip and preferred bail out system making you ready to dive. A dynamic adjustment system allows for diver adjustment throughout the dive increasing or decreasing spring tension to adjust cracking pressure. The venturi assist reduces the chance of freeflow and a robust re-enforced housing with solid glass re-enforced nylon components makes this a sturdy and reliable regulator.

  • Factory tuned to 100psi line pressure
  • Plug and play - attach your whip and bailout to be dive ready
  • Dynamic adjustment for breathing effore
  • Venturi Assist to reduce freeflow
  • Re-enforced housing with glass re-enforced nylon components.