Oceanpro Multi Purpose Hanger

Oceanpro Multi Purpose Hanger

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The Oceanpro Multi Purpose Hanger is a versatile hanger suitable for hanging your entire dive kit. The adjustable shoulders enable you to convert the hanger between a BCD and wetsuit hanger.

With the shoulders facing down the hanger is suitable for hanging wetsuits. The width of the hanger means that you will not have any pressure points causing compression in the suit.

By switching the shoulders to an upward position the hanger will now suit hanging BCD's and other dive accessories. The up turned ends will stop BCD's from falling off the hanger ensuring they will dry out properly.

Also included on the hanger is a fitting to mount your regulator first stage with hooks for the hoses.

  • Convertible shoulders
  • Hang wetsuits, BCD's and dive accessories
  • Moulded regulator mount