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Econo Float 5L

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An ideal surface marker buoy for scuba divers, freediving and spearfishing the 5 Litre Econo Float is bullet shaped and internally weighted for smooth movement and easy towing over the surface. An integrated A flag will let vessel operators know that a diver is in the water and to maintain a safe distance and speed.

The float is fitted with heavy duty mono tethers and two high tensile stainless steel shark clips at either end to attach ropes, float lines and spearguns.

The Econo Float with Float Line includes a 15m length of line allowing the speargun to be tethered to the float.

  • Bullet Shaped
  • Heavy duty mono tethers
  • Two high tensile SS Shark Clips
  • Alpha Flag 23.5x36.5cm
  • Keel Weight
  • 15m Float line *Float with Float Line