Gear Aid Sea Drops Anti Fog and Lens Cleaner

Gear Aid Sea Drops 37ml

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The best way to enjoy the views underwater is by having a clear dive mask. The Sea Drops 2-in-1 formula is an alcohol free lens cleaner and anti-fog that works in all temperatures. The two part formula will remove grime from lenses and prevent fogging providing a crystal clear view. The 1.25 fl oz bottle contains 530 drops to clean and treat multiple masks but won't harm silicon or rubber components. The long lasting formula is easily applied, just squeeze, rub, rinse and wear enjoying many hours of fog free vision.

Not recommended for use on swim goggles or dry lenses, instead use Gear Aid Anti-Fog Spray



  • Size: 1.25 fl oz
  • Rub on application
  • Suitable for us on scuba, snorkel, and dive masks/lenses
  • Made in the USA