Mares Mini Sten Short Gun 42cm w. Holster

Mares Mini Sten Short Gun 42cm

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The Mares Mini Sten Pneumatic Speargun is a small, compact and reliable gun. Well known by spearfishing fanatics the Mares Mini Sten is easy to maneuver due to its small size.

The gun works by using compressed air rather than rubbers to propel the shaft. A hand pump is used to fill the chamber of the barrel with air, the shaft is then loaded into the chamber moving a piston which will then push the shaft out when the spear is shot. The piston prevents air from escaping allowing multiple shots without having to pump up and refill the fun every shot.

The Mini Sten gun comes with an 8mm shaft and threaded end allowing for the spear tip to be replaced if it becomes blunt over time. Also included with the gun is the line, loader and a spare cylinder o-ring.

With an overall gun length of 42cm the range of the Mini Sten will be approximately 1.68 metres. With an ergonomic handle the gun is extremely comfortable to hold.


  • Air powered pneumatic gun
  • 42cm length
  • 8mm Threaded shaft
  • Double barb spear tip
  • Plastic shaft loader
  • Ergonomic hand grip
  • Hand pump
  • Includes spear, line, tip and loader