Cressi Jointed Wishbone Type A

Cressi Jointed Wishbone Type A

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Designed for use with Cressi Euro rubbers the Cressi Jointed Wishbone Type A is a stainless steel bridle which is extremely durable. Unlike Dyneema Bridles which can get damaged on the notches of the shaft over time the stainless bridle will give you confidence of lasting for a long time.

The euro rubbers have a threaded end providing an easy attachment for the bridle by simply screwing it on and off. With twin swivel points in the bridle it will not only provide flexibility but will ensure an even band pressure.


  • Stainess steel bridle
  • Suits Euro rubbers
  • Plastic threaded caps
  • Easy screw on/screw off attachment
  • Twin swivel points
  • Easy to attach