Halcyon Streamlined Balanced P-Valve

Halcyon Streamlined Balanced P-Valve

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Dive in comfort and remain hydrated with the use of the Halcyon Streamlined Balanced P-Valve. Ideal for use by both males and females with the use of a condom catheter for men or the She-P for ladies.

Made with a solid Delrin body The P-valve is fitted to the leg of the suit with a cap on the outside of the suit and hosing on the inside to connect to the catheter or She-P. The updated cap is a low profile valve allowing for increased ease of operation even when wearing thick gloves but also allows for easier maintenance. An optional lock screw reduces the chance of the cap being accidentally removed from undoing it too far.

Older designs of balanced P-valves had a check valve assembly which has been able to removed due to simplified hose assembly allowing for easier donning and removal of the drysuit whilst the P-valve is in place and making it overall less bulky.

The balance valve has been built into the solid Delrin® body, eliminating all extraneous internal tubing and valve assemblies. The internal mushroom valve allows for a precision flow rate when expelling fluids and provides minimal back pressure.



  • Stay hydrated and comfortable on dives
  • Use with male catheters or She-P for ladies
  • Solid Delrin body
  • Balanced valve
  • Low profile easy to operate external cap
  • Streamlined internal hosing for easy connection
  • Low bulk design
  • Internal mushroom design for precision flow rate and minimal back pressure