Halcyon Twin Tank V Weight Pouch

Halcyon V-Weight Pouch

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The Halcyon V-Weight Pouch is made from the same tough Ballistic Nylon as the Halcyon Evolve and Eclipse wings making this very tough and hard to damage. It is held together with Halcyon H Webbing and has stainless steel grommets for fitting over twin band bolts. Provided you have 280mm of clearance between top and bottom bolt this pouch system will sit perfectly with one weight pouch dangling bellow the bottom bolt and one pouch behind the backplate in between the to cylinders. You can fit around 4-6lb (1.8-2.7kg) in the lower, smaller pouch and 6-8lb (2.7-3.6kg) in the larger top pouch with a total capacity of 10lb (4.5kg) total over both pouches when used



  • Pockets made from Ballistic Nylon and Halcyon H Webbing
  • Two seperate pockets closed with Velcro
  • Holds up to 10lb (4.5kg) of Soft weight
  • Fits Securely between Twin Tank bands with 280mm distance between top and bottom band
  • Great for Travel