weighted float and alpha dive flag

Weighted Float & Flag

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An absolute must for your safety gear is a dive flag to indicate to other water users that a diver or snorkeler is in the water. Suitable for use by both divers and snorkelers the Weighted Float and Flag is anchored nearby to notify vessels to travel at safe speeds within proximity to the flag.

The weighted float includes a rigline for attaching the flag to an anchor position. The weight at the bottom of the float will ensure it maintains an upright position in the water ensuring the flag remains visible. The flag is an Australian standard Alpha Flag which is blue and white and indicates divers in the water.

Made from heavy duty material the PVC flag measures 34cm x 25cm.



  • Weighted float
  • Rigline
  • PVC Alpha Flag
  • Flag measures 34 x 25cm
  • Indicates divers in the water and boats to maintain safe distance and speed