Faber 5 Litre steel tank

Faber 5L Tank

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The Faber 5L (40cft) Steel cylinder is one of the less commonly used Cylinders in recreational diving but can be used as larger rebreather cylinders, both Diluent and Oxygen, as a small bailout or an independent cylinder for gas redundancy. They come standard with a working pressure of 232bar (3400+psi) holding over 1100L but also can be specially ordered as a 300bar cylinder

Valves are not supplied with this cylinder option but it can be matched with a variety of valves eg: 232bar DIN/K, 300Bar DIN, Left or Right hand valves, or green handled oxygen valves


  • Working Pressure 232bar
  • 5L internal volume
  • Faber is a big player in the dive cylinder market
  • Nitrox ready up to 40%
  • Self draining cylinder boot included
  • White heavy duty epoxy paint for protection and long life
  • Cylinder neck thread 3/4 NPSM
  • Length 460mm
  • Diameter 140mm