DUI Latex drysuit neck zip seal
DUI silicon drysuit zip neck seal
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DUI Zip Neck Seal

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The patented DUI Zip Seal system offers the ability to change a neck or wrist seal out in just minutes meaning you never need miss a dive again. Keep a replacement system in your spares kit so that you are your own mobile repairer and can continue to enjoy your days planned dives.

DUI Neck Zip Seals are available in two sizes being the G1 which is fitted standard into suits with a 7.75" diameter and G2 which has a larger 9" diameter ring allowing for easier donning over the head.

The DUI neck zip seals are available in two different materials consisting of latex and silicon. Latex is the most durable zip seal material option being ultra tear resistant and suitable for divers with silicon allergies. The smooth outer finish repels dirt particles helping to prolong the lifetime of the seal.

DUI uses a proprietary blend in their silicon seals which having been tested by divers has been found to be more durable than other silicone seals on the market. Silicon is UV and ozone resistant meaning it will generally last longer under most conditions. Excellent for divers with allergies the silicon zip seal is also softer and more comfortable to wear. DUI's silicon zip seals are easy to put on and take off due to excellent stretch ability and a coating applied to the inside of the seal meaning lubrication is not required.

  • Patented zip seal system
  • G1 seal 7.75" ring diameter
  • G2 seal 9" ring diameter
  • Easily change seal in minutes
  • Latex option - highly durable
  • Silicon option - soft and comfortable
  • Silicon option - great for divers with allergies