Cressi Palau and Marea Mask Snorkel Fin Set

Cressi Palau Marea Mask, Snorkel and Fin Set

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This snorkeling set from Cressi incorporates the Marea mask along with the Gamma snorkel and Palau fins to make a snorkeling set suitable for adults combining both quality and comfort.

The Marea mask has dual tempered glass lenses which provide a clear and wide field of view. The 100% soft silicon skirt will provide a comfortable fit for a range of faces. A wide silicon mask strap will ensure the mask sits comfortably and easy adjust buckles allow for quick resizing of the strap.

The snorkel has a splash guard at the top of the snorkel reducing the amount of water that will enterfrom waves and choppy water. A one way purge valve at the bottom allows for easy clearing of the snorkel. A flexible lower section of the bore allows for the shape to be adjusted to the divers face for comfort. A hypoallergenic mouthpiece will ensure the snorkel remains comfortable even after extended use.

The adjustable straps on the open heel Palau fins arrange for up to four consecutive shoe sizes to fit each pair. The pull tab on the back of the strap allows for easy donning and removal of the fin. Made from a lightweight yet responsive material the fin provides an effortless yet powerful kick.

  • Suits junior divers and snorkelers
  • Dual tempered glass lenses
  • 100% Soft Silicon Skirt
  • Wide field of view
  • Easy Adjust Buckles
  • Wide silicon mask strap
  • Easy to reach nose pocket for easy equalisation
  • Splash Deterrent top of Snorkel
  • Flexible lower snorkel section for comfortable fit
  • Hypoallergenic silicon mouthpiece
  • Quick release snorkel keeper
  • Adjustable open heel fin