Cressi Sioux Speargun 75cm

Cressi Sioux Speargun

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Boasting lightweight, non-deformable anti-corodal 75cm aluminium barrel housing a 6mm diameter stainless steel shaft the Cressi Sioux Speargun is a simple and efficient and great for starting out in the sport of spearfishing. Pre-equipped with 13mm Rubber band with an excellent balance between pulling power and ease of use.

The Handgrip of this gun has been wrapped by a bright yellow Rubbersoft grip and has an inclination which is designed for ease of handling, aiming and firing. To make this a safe gun Cressi has fitted an oversized Trigger Guard or Safety Catch to prevent accidental firing until ready. A strong ring for the line comes out of the bottom of the handgrip, and at the front there are 2 line releasing devices, the dovetail trigger for the reel and a somewhat advanced spear-rail saddle.

  • 6mm diameter stainless steel shaft with two bridle loading notches
  • Pre-equipped with 13mm Rubber along with a spare ring where a second rubber can attach
  • Light, non-deformable anti-corrodal 75cm aluminium barrel
  • Bright Yellow Rubbersoft Grip for visibility
  • Inclined Handgrip for ease of firing, aiming and handling
  • Fitted with Patented Cressi Safety Catch