cressi compact pro octopus regulator
cressi compact pro octopus regulator
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Cressi Compact Pro Octopus Regulator

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The Cressi MC9SC Compact Regulator is a high performance regulator incorporated with a low profile second stage making it ideal for travel as well as local diving activity. With an environmentally sealed first stage protecting from dirt sand and dust the seal also protects from icing in cold waters making the MC9SC suitable for both warm and cold water diving environments.

The first stage is a balanced diaphragm regulator incorporating two high pressure and four low pressure ports. The body is made from a brass body with electroless nickel plating. Available with a DIN or Yoke fitting both options incorporate a high capacity conical filter. The DIN fitting is made from stainless steel rather than brass to ensure better resistance against bumps. The first stage regulator has a hyper compensation mechanism which means that as the tank pressure decreases there is a slight increase in intermediate pressure meaning that the regulator delivers the maximum level of performance in the final stages of the dive.

The XS compact second stage is a neatly packed unit made from durable non-corrosive hi-tech polymers. A downstream mechanism ensures that the regulator will always supply gas even in the instance of a first stage failure. Included in the housing is a flow deviator which takes control of the venturi effect allowing for a dive and pre-dive adjustment. A large soft purge cover allows for easy clearing of the second stage and a soft comfortable silicon mouthpiece ensures the divers jaw remains relaxed throughout the dive.

The regulator set comes nitrox ready for use with mixes up to 40%.

  • First Stage Features
    • Balanced diaphragm 1st stage
    • Environmentally sealed
    • 2 HP 7/16UNF and 4 LP 3/8 UNF ports
    • DIN or Yoke connections
    • DIN service pressure 300bar
    • Yoke service pressure 232bar
    • Brass body with electroless nickel plating
    • High capacity conical filter
  • Second Stage Features
    • Non-corrosive design
    • High Tech Polymer Housing
    • Down stream demand valve
    • Flow Deviator Switch
    • Large soft purge covers
    • Comfortable silicon mouthpiece
  • Nitrox compatible
  • DIN version weight: 510grams
  • Yoke version weight: 650grams
  • Certification EN250/2000