Cressi Killer Knife

Cressi Killer Knife

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Having been available on the market for multiple years you can trust this is a reliable product. A small knife that is easy to handle and a blade that penetrates well the Cressi Killer Knife is constructed from stainless steel and ideal for use in water environments.

The Killer Knife's blade has been forged from a single piece of stainless steel hosting one smooth cutting edge and a partly serrated edge on the opposite side. The tecno-polymer grip is anatomically designed for a comfortable grip and has a thumb tab where the handle meets the blade which will protect fingers from the sharp edges.

The sheath is made from plastic and includes an elastic band which will go over the handle to hold the knife securely in place. Loops in the sheath allow you to attached the knife to your leg with the included straps or can be threaded to your belt.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Smooth Edge
  • Partly serrated edge
  • Anatomical techno-polymer grip
  • Plastic Sheath
  • Knife straps included
  • 8.6cm Blade, 18cm Total Length
  • 17mm blade width
  • Weight 120g