Cressi inflatable float with flag and line

Cressi Inflatable Float

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The Cressi Inflatable Float is not only an important safety item but a handy piece of equipment for snorkeling, freediving and spearfishing. The float comes inclusive of an Alpha Flag which indicates a diver is in the water and that boats must leave a safe distance and pass at a safe speed.

The internal 17 liter bladder allows the float to be deflated for easy storage when not in use and quickly inflated when preparing for a dive. The bladder is then covered with a durable high visibility red canvas. At the bottom of the float a velcro entrance allows easy access to the bladder and also a place to store a couple of weights as spares or to help keep the float upright by acting as a keel.

The shape of the float means that it can easily be towed through the water with minimal drag. Seven plastic d-rings are included around the float allowing for attachment of equipment or the 15m line that is included. Your gun can also be rigged to the float providing security that you will not loose your gun during the dive.

  • 17L Volume
  • Internal bladder
  • Sturdy Canvas cover
  • High visibility red colour
  • 7 D Ring attachment points
  • 15m Line
  • Alpha Dive Flag
  • Dimensions: 20cm wide x 75cm long