Cressi Leonardo Console 2

Cressi Leonardo Console 2

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The Cressi Leonardo Console 2 incorporates the Cressi Leonardo computer with the Cressi Pressure Gauge. The console provides the security of having your computer connected to your first stage via the high pressure hose ensuring it won't be forgotten at home when heading out for your dive.

The Leonardo is a great option for recreational divers that has been 100% developed and made in Italy by Cressi. Available in either a wrist or console mount the Leonardo computer has a large display screen with easy to read digits. A back light will ensure the screen remains easy to read even in low light situations.

With 1 button navigation the Leonardo is compatible with Nitrox mixes from 21% through to 50%. Hosting an RGBM algorithm the computer will calculate your no decompression limit and provide additional information including time, temperature, depth and safety stop information.

With the purchase of an interface the computer can be downloaded to a PC allowing for storage of your dive logs. This will also enable the capacity for the firmware to be upgraded.

The Cressi Leonardo comes with a user changeable battery with a predicted battery life of two years based on 50 divers per year.

The pressure gauge has a clear easy to read display with colour indicators for different pressure readings.

  • Large display with easy to read digits
  • Back Light
  • 1 Button navigation
  • Nitrox compatible from 21% to 50%
  • RGBM Algorithm
  • Ascent rate alarm
  • No decompression time, temperature, depth and safety stop info
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • User changeable battery
  • Approx 2 years (50 dives per year battery life)
  • Calculates for fresh or salt water
  • 75 hours log book recording
  • Made in Italy