Catalina Tank

Catalina Tank

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High grade aluminium constructed especially to meet Australian safety standards. Negatively buoyant when empty. 

Because of it's highly regarded buoyancy characteristics, the Catalina S80 aluminium cylinder is a popular choice as stage/pony tank(s) by technical divers going really deep, or on very long dives. For longer, deeper dives they often use these cylinders to carry a Nitrox mix (e.g. EAN50, 50% oxygen) to accelerate their decompression on accent. The Catalina S80 is a great cylinder for doing this.

Technical Information

  • Aluminum 6cft capacity/207 Bar (Valve not included)
  • Aluminium 95cft capacity/230 Bar with DIN/K Valve*
  • Australian Standards Approved
  • Available colours: Brushed Aluminium 
  • Will not chip


*Valve will need to be attached to the cylinder upon reception.  We are unable to ship the cylinder with the valve already attached.