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Apeks RK3 Fin

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The Apeks RK3 Fin was developed in collaboration with the military and is known for its outstanding performance and reliability. Designed with an oversized foot pocket it is ideal for use with drysuits.

The short wide blade is designed for power and maneuverability whilst the vented blade reduces resistance when being moved through the water. Two large grommet holes at the end of the blade are designed to fit karabiners allowing easy carting of fins to and from the dive site.

Spring straps allow for easy donning and removal of the fin and a simple pin system means sizes can be changed easily if required.

Rather than being categorised to shoe sizes the fins are sized in Medium, Regular and Super as drysuit socks and boots may take up different volumes in a foot pocket.



  • Compact and ultra rugged
  • Short wide blade for power and maneuverability
  • Vented blade design reduces resistance
  • Two large grommet holes designed to fit karabiners
  • Spring straps as standard
  • Sizes Medium, Regular and Super