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Apollo Bio Seal

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The Apollo Bio Seal helps solve leak issues on drysuits by creating a perfect seal between the skin and drysuit. made from a compound called Cosmogel, the seal is extremely flexible making it superior to latex or other similar compounds. The bio seal is extremely soft and pliable and will mold to both the skin and the seal often helping to create a completely leak free environment. As the seal does not contain latex it can also be suitable for those with allergies. The bio seal was originally designed for use with neoprene seals however will suit a range of seal types. It is recommended to thoroughly clean and condition your existing seals after each use.



  • Cosmogel compound
  • Non-latex material
  • Standard (M) Neck: 28 to 37cm
  • Large (L) Neck: 38 to 43cm
  • Wrist seals one size fits all