Cressi Tokugawa 3mm Neoprene Hood

Cressi Tokugawa 3mm Hood

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We lose a large amount of heat through our head especially whilst in the water. The use of the Cressi Tokugawa 3mm Hood will help keep your head warm and can also protect from bumps and scrapes.

Sporting the specifically designed blue camouflage pattern to suit Australian waters the suit can also be paired with the Cressi Tokugawa One Piece Wetsuit

The anatomical design of the hood includes a long skirt which can be placed under the one piece wetsuit for a more watertight seal. This paired with the 3mm neoprene and a face seal combines to help maintain warmth for the wearer.



  • 3mm Neoprene
  • Blue camouflage material to suit Australia waters
  • Anatomically designed
  • Face seal
  • Venting holes