Spirotek 80cf Tank DIN/K

Spirotek 80cf Tank DIN/K

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The Spirotek Aluminium Cylinder has a working pressure of 207bar and a brushed finish. 

Lighter than steel cylinders and with a flat bottom, the 11.1L is easier to carry around and has different buoyancy characteristics as compared to a steel tank - Aluminium cylinders often start negatively buoyant but eventually become positively buoyant as a diver consumes the breathing gas.

11.1L or 80cuft is the most common size cylinder you are given around the world and should give you around an hours dive at recreational depths.

Can be used as a single cylinder or a redundant stage for additional gas or decompression dives.

Comes with Hydrostatic test stamp for month of purchase.


  • Meets Australian Standards
  • Industry-standard ¾" 14NPSM thread.
  • Brushed Alloy Finish 
  • Balanced designed 
  • DIN/K Valve included