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Signal Float

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An invaluable piece of equipment for spearos the signal float is ideal for carrying additional equipment and accessories.

Made from an abrasion-resistant material which ensures excellent protection the float is red in colour for high visibility. The float has two inner inflation chambers making it robust to to carry a decent amount of equipment.

Measuring 80 x 30 x 15cm the float can hold three guns and two spare spears. A bottom compartment is fitted with adjustable velcro straps and elastic rings while the upper part is fitted with multipurpose pcokets and a large expanding container for bigger items and spare parts.

A mesh cover ensures the bottom of the float is abrasion proof and will have adequate drainage keeping the float lightweight for minimal drag. A zipper runs the full length of the center top providing access to the dual inflation chambers which are utilised to ensure fail safe buoyancy.

Two quality handles allow you to easily carry the float out of the water even if fully loaded. Included with the float is 20m of line with two plastic snap hooks, whistle and an A flag which is Australia standard to indicate divers are in the water.


  • PVC construction with abrasion resistant with mesh cover
  • Dual internal bladder
  • 20 m line with two plastic snap hooks
  • Carrying handle
  • A-Flag with 40 cm pole (international diver down flag shown)
  • Bright red colour for maximum visibility
  • 4 pockets
  • Safety whistle