shearwater teric strap kit

Shearwater Teric Strap Kit

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Add a splash of colour to your dive computer or replace existing straps with the Shearwater Teric Strap Kit. The dual colour kits come with black edging and the options of black, blue, green, pink, white or yellow highlight colours. All black strap kits are also available.

The 22mm wide band is made from shore 70A silicone which provides a balance between strength and elasticity.The kits include two wrist strap pieces, two pairs of strap pins and an extender strap with buckle.

The straps are easy to interchange with the use of hex key screwdrivers to remove and replace the pins. Shearwater will include a set of these hex keys in your Teric case.

  • Shore 70A silicon wrist bands
  • All black or dual colours
  • Includes two straps with pins and extender strap with buckle
  • Hex key tools included