Seacraft Light System SLS2
Seacraft Light System SLS2
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Seacraft Light System SLS2

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For many divers, mounting a light system on a DPV has always felt natural, since they see their DPV as a useful tool and companion – even in the darkness. Using a DPV safely requires proper visibility ahead. When the surroundings get darker, powerful headlights support the diver’s orientation and make him more visible to the team.

That is why Seacraft always supported mounting a proper lighting system on the DPV. Simple attaching a flashlight to the DPV works, however, is not a perfect solution- due to small battery constraints, trimming and weighing challenges, and difficulty in turning ON/OFF.
Another Step Forward For Explorers
Light output needs to be easily adjustable in order to compensate for the dazzling effect of small floating particles or to not interupt communication.

The Seacraft Light System fulfills these requirements, as it provides powerful, yet adjustable illumination. The system was designed for seamless integration with all Seacraft DPVs with installed power converter and draws its power via the E/O power outlet directly from the DPV’s battery. The light output can be controlled with the buttons on the DPV display.



  • Light output: 2 x 3600 lumens
  • Power: 2 x 30 W
  • Beam angle: 14 degrees
  • Colour temperature: 5700 K
  • LED type: 2 x XHP70.2
  • Power supply: DC stabilised 12 V / 2.5 A DPV's power converter and external E/O power outlet
  • Thermal protection: Yes
  • ON/OFF control: Individual, with a magnetic slide switch
  • Brightness adjustment: Via the buttons on the DPV display
  • Working time: Depending on the battery capacity. As an example: Minimum 15 h at 100% power with a fully charged Seacraft 1000 Wh battery (when the DPV engine is not running)


  • Length: 52 mm (one head)
  • Housing diameter: 34mm (one head)
  • Weight: 132g/ -70g in the water (one head)


  • Maximum depth: 300m
  • Tested depth: 350m
  • Displacement: -70g (one head)
  • Material: Lamp casing; anodized aluminium


  • 2 lamps (each with on/off switch) connected via y-cable (e/o cord)
  • 2 screws to fasten the lamps on the Seacraft transport bracket.

Please note, that the DPV must be equipped with the internal power converter (installable in Seacraft DPVs with serial number 129 and higher) and the E/O power outlet to use these lamps.