Hollis Isolation Manifold Valve 300 bar Right

Manifold Tank Valve

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The Manifold Tank Valve is designed for use in Australian Test Standard Approved Scuba Cylinders with a 3/4" NPSM Thread. Rated to 300 bar fill pressure the valve is a DIN style valve available in left hand or right hand configuration. These valves are designed to be paired with a manifold or blanking plugs can be used to make them suitable for single use. As per Australian Standards the valve is fitted with a burst disc to prevent rupturing of the cylinder if over filled.

  • 3/4" NPSM Thread
  • 300 bar DIN valve
  • Fitted with burst disc
  • Left and right hand configurations

*It is recommended to have the valve fitted by a qualified technician. Please contact our store if you require assistance.