Gearkeeper Torch/Camera Retractor w. SS Clip

Gear Keeper Torch/Camera Retractor w. SS Clip

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Ideal for larger torches and cameras the Gear Keeper Torch/Camera Rectractor w. SS clip includes a locking mechanism which allows your torch or camera to be securely attached close to you whilst on the boat then can be unlocked underwater allowing you to freely use your device.

The unit can be attached to the BCD with a stainless steel snap clip for d-rings. The torch or console can then be connected via a split ring.

The nylon cable with Kevlar core has 80lbs of breaking strength allows you to pull out your torch or camera for use before retracting back to a streamlined location where it won't drag along the sea floor.

The Compact Console Retractor is built to survive extended salt water and chlorine exposure and will self flush debris and sand when operated in-water.

  • Suitable for large torches and cameras
  • Stainless Steel Snap clip for BCD connection
  • Split ring or adjustable lanyard console connection
  • Stainless steel spring and hardware
  • Nylon cable with Kevlar core
  • Locking mechanism
  • 80lbs breaking strength
  • Designed to survive extended exposure to salt and chlorine