Cressi Tecnica 5mm Camo open cell 2 pieces Freediving Spearfishing front view

Cressi Tecnica Full Suit Man

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The ideal spearfishing wetsuit the Cressi Tecnica Full Suit is a 2 piece suit that is especially comfortable and durable. The suit is coloured with the Tecnica camouflage colouring to make the diver close to invisible in the water

Constructed from highly elastic single lined ultraspan neoprene the suit has a black metallite lining which makes it easier to put the suit on and off.

The long Johns are on overall design and have been fitted with durable knee pads. The top has an integrated hood which maintains warmth and can help prevent hair from getting tangled in your mask strap. Anti wear reinforcement patches have been applied over the elbows and a loading pad is fitted to the chest providing padding to help in loading the speargun. A dovetail lanyard is used for the groin closure which makes a fail safe watertight seal and prevents the top from riding up.

  • 2 Piece Suit
  • Tecnica camouflage colouring
  • Highly elastic single lined ultraspan neoprene
  • Black metallite lining
  • Long Johns
  • Durable anti wear knee and elbow pads
  • Integrated hood
  • Gun loading pad
  • Dovetail lanyard groin closure
  • Size Chart