Cressi Surface Marker Buoy

Cressi Surface Marker Buoy

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The Cressi Surface Marker Buoy is an important piece of safety equipment to add to your dive kit. Deploying the marker at the end of you dive will enable other boat users to know a diver is in the water and for your dive boat to keep track of you during your decompression or safety stops.

With a height of 176cm and made in high visibility orange or pink the marker is easy to spot from dive vessels. A reflective strip along the top of the marker will help attract light in lower visibility situations.

The marker has a self closing bottom and can be inflated with the use of a second stage, oral inflation or by connecting an inflator hose to the inflation mechanism. The over pressure relief valve will prevent the marker from being over filled and can also be used to release air from the marker when you reach the surface.

  • Allow vessels to track you in the water
  • 176cm x 15cm
  • High visibility orange
  • Self closing
  • Multiple inflation methods
  • Over pressure relief valve