cressi pressure and depth and console gauge
cressi pressure and depth console gauge
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Cressi Pressure and Depth Gauge

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The Console PD2 is a small sized console unit, which houses the Pressure Gauge and a small analogue Depth Gauge. 

The front glass of the SPG has been made to act like a pressure relief valve by raising slightly if there has been an over-pressurisation where in it will release the small excess reducing the chance for damage of the instrument.The area below 50 BAR is highlighted in red, the one between 50 and 200 is green and that from 200 to the end of the scale is light blue.

The Submersible Pressure Gauge has a color-coded scale that the divers can read at a quick glance with the first 12 metres being distanced apart more so than the greater depth so as to read the positioning for safety stops better. The maximum depth is 70 meters (or 230 feet in the imperial version) and the dial is divided chromatically into three zones: green up to 20 metres (60 ft), blue from 20 to 40 metres (from 60 ft to 120 ft), red at 40 metres (120 ft) to full scale. The instrument is equipped with a deep depth hand, which remains locked at the maximum depth reached by immersion

The instrument is housed in a small, modern shaped console, made from polycarbonate and desmopan. These two materials guarantee protection from shocks and scratches and which and at the same time, are very light. In the upper part of the protective shell there is a loop for securing the instrument so that it does not hang down with the risk of catching and damaging the environment or the instrument.


  • Case material: chromium plated brass (Both)
  • End scale: 350 BAR or 5000 PSI
  • Depth Gauge reading: 70m
  • Face: luminescent with colored sections (Both)
  • Pressure release valve: incorporated (SPG)
  • Depth indications spaced out in first 12 meters (40 feet) for precise readings
    during safety stops