Cressi Apache Speargun
Cressi Apache Speargun detail
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Cressi Apache Speargun

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An ideal entry level speargun the Cressi Apache Speargun is compact and easy to maneuver. The size and ease of use of the gun makes ideal for use in close proximity environments, shallow waters, around rocks and in holes.

The Apache speargun has a closed muzzle which makes it easier for loading the shaft by acting as a guide and also improves accuracy. The shaft is made from 6.5mm stainless steel and includes dual notches enabling for varied loading power of the rubber or can also allow you to fit an additional rubber for more power. Inclusive with the gun is a 13mm power band that has a stainless steel wishbone. This style of rubber allows you to easily change and fit the rubber to the gun.

The shaft is fitted with a Tahitian style tip with a flopper and shaft barb. The guns 26mm barrel is sealed and anodised for increased resistance against corrosion. An ergonomic moulded handle allows the gun to be easily maneuvered so that you can quickly aim your gun at your target.


  • Easy to maneuver speargun
  • Closed muzzle
  • 6.5mm stainless shaft
  • Dual notched shaft
  • 13mm power band with stainless steel wishbone
  • Flopper
  • 26mm anodised barrel
  • Ergonomic moulded handle