Oceanpro 3 Piece Wrist Slate

Oceanpro Slate Wrist 3 Piece

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Allowing for a means of communication underwater the Oceanpro 3 piece Wrist Slate will give you the ability to write and draw underwater. The curved design will fit snugly around the wrist and can be fastened with a velcro strap or bungee cord. The slate has 3 pieces the top two of which can be flipped over to provide a fresh surface. A waterproof graphite pencil is connected to the slate with a bungee cord and stowed at the bottom of the slate for easy access.

  • Underwater communication
  • Wrist mounted
  • Curved design for comfort
  • 3 writable surfaces
  • Waterproof graphite pencil
  • Velcro or bungee straps for securing