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Tickle Stick

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The tickle stick is a handy addition to your diving kit. Made from aluminium the pointer stick is 34cm in length and includes a plastic BCD clip, stainless steel split ring and an adjustable wrist lanyard. Along the full length of the pointer is a laser etched measuring ruler allowing you to conveniently measure things underwater including crayfish and abalone to ensure they meet minimum requirements.

The tickle stick also makes a great pointer and tool for underwater photographers. Dive guides will use the stick as a pointer to point out small creatures and avoid touching possible stinging coral. As a photographer it can be used to help stabilise yourself against currents as you line up the perfect shot. Lastly the tickle stick can be utilised underwater to get your buddies attention by banging it against your tank.

  • 34cm length
  • Aluminium
  • Plastic BCD clip
  • Stainless steel split ring
  • Adjustable wrist lanyard
  • Laser etched ruler