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Thermal Mouthpiece

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The Thermal Mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue and increases comfort during dives by being specifically moulded to the individuals mouth.

Hard plastic bite tab retainers allow for a better shape but should be removed once the mouthpiece has been moulded. The mouthpiece bite tabs can be shortened in length to suit smaller mouths or simply for comfort. It can also be heated and shaped again if required.

Moulding of the mouthpiece is simple by placing in hot water, briefly cooling, placing in the mouth and biting down gently providing a perfect fit of your bite pattern. A low profile cable tie is included to attach the mouthpiece to the second stage with the mouthpiece fitting most brands of regulators.

  • Reduce jaw fatigue
  • Increase comfort
  • Easily mouldable
  • Low profile cable tie
  • Suits most brands of regulators