Slider drysuit and wetsuit lubricant powder

Slider Powder

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Eco friendly and safe for neoprene Slider Drysuit and Wetsuit Powder is an Australian made product from all natural ingredients which is safe to use on all wetsuits, drysuits and neoprene accessories.

Slider powder makes it easier to get in and out of suits by replicating the lubricating qualities of talcs and gels without any of the harmful effects. The powder will work on freedving and spearfishing open cell suits, dive wetsuits, triathlon swim suits and surfing suits.

Slider powder will prevent chafing and provide protection against rashing caused from your suit.

  • Australian made
  • All natural products
  • Safe to use on all wetsuits, drysuits and neoprene accessories
  • Prevent chafing
  • Makes it easier to get into suits