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Shearwater Transmitter

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The Shearwater Wireless Transmitter provides information direct to your dive computer allowing you to keep track of your gas pressure throughout the dive.

Threaded into the regulator first stage the Shearwater Transmitter is manually programmed into the dive computer providing a reliable connection giving you confidence throughout the dive.

The transmitter comes fitted with a user changeable battery and is also available in both grey and yellow colours. If using more than one transmitter it is recommended to use one of each colour for more reliable connections.

The Transmitter which is made by Pelagic Pressure Systems is compatible only with those specific models of Shearwater , Hollis, Oceanic, and Aeris brand dive computers that support wireless air integration. This includes the Shearwater Nerd 2, Perdix AI and Teric.

Shearwater Transmitters come ready for use with gas mixtures up to 40% oxygen.

  • Wireless tank data
  • Reliable programmed connection
  • User changeable 3V CR2 battery
  • Multiple colours
  • Multiple transmitters can be used together
  • Suitable for use with up to 40% oxygen