Rob Allen X-Blade Knife
rob allen x blade knife with sheath
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Rob Allen X-Blade Knife

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An ideal knife for spearfishing the Rob Allen X-Blade Knife boasts a low profile design reducing the chances of snagging on your gun rigging or float line.

The 105cm blade includes a smooth cutting edge paired with a serrated edge suitable for slicing through rope or line. The steel used for the blade is made from one complete section running from the tip of the knife to the end of the handle resulting in an extremely strong blade.

The handle is made from synthetic plastic with small nodules that increase grip reducing the chance of slipping. An integrated spear wrench can be used to help remove spear shafts that have become lodged in the reef or a fish.

The knife is supplied with the Rob Allen Knife Sheath which is a slimline sheath designed to be worn on the calf or forearm. The low profile design reduces drag and again assists in minimising snag risks.

  • 105cm blade
  • Sharp cutting and serrated cutting edge
  • Slimline profile for minimal drag
  • Integrated spear wrench
  • Bright orange cord for visibility if dropped
  • Slimline sheath