Paqua Midi waterproof case


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The PAQUAmidi is a protective case designed for smaller phones, PDA's and GPS units to keep them protected around water environments. Made with the most up to date construction techniques and materials the PAQUAmidi has a built in arm or leg strap made from comfortable neoprene and velcro ensuring the bag stays securely attached. The clear membrane material enables you to speack through the material whilst fully enclosed ensuring your item will still function whilst staying securely protected. A reflective safety strap ensures the PAQUAmidi can also be seen from a distance at night.


  • Small and Compact
  • Suits phones, PDAs and GPS units
  • Comfrotable neoprene and velcro arm or leg strap
  • Reflective safety strap
  • Clear membrane enables use of device when in bag
  • Submersible to 2m
  • Dimensions 80x125mm