oceanpro grommet steamer 3mm wetsuit

Oceanpro Grommet Steamer Wetsuit

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Providing warmth, protection and durability for your little grommet the Oceanpro Grommet Steamer is a 3mm full arm and leg length wetsuit. Suitable for watersports such as swimming, snorkeling, paddling and diving the suit will provide protection from UV and abrasions. Form-fitting neck and wrist seals will minimise water flow and smoothskin outer panels reduce wind chill both helping to maintain warmth. Spandura high wear knee pads provide protection and increase longevity of the suit. Contoured body panels will provide optimal fit and comfort.

  • 3mm full arm and leg length
  • Neoprene with spandura high wear knee pads
  • Form fitting neck and wrist seals
  • Protection from UV and abrasions
  • Smoothskin outer panels to reduce wind chill
  • Sizes 4-14