OMS Twin Tank Bands

OMS Twin Tank Bands

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OMS twin tank bands are designed to support the assembly of two separate cylinders either totally independent or joined with a manifold. It attaches to the divers backplate by way of two bolts with the chosen twin tank designed wing sandwiched in between for a secure fit.

Manufactured from quality 316 Stainless Steel they are wider than standard bands giving the diver a very secure framework to mount the cylinders as needed without the fear of movement that can damage and wear a manifold.  They come standard with easy manage screws to lock down against a backplate and will last for generations.

Available in a range of sizes to match different cylinders, twin 12.2L faber cylinders seem to be the favorite here in Australia and these bands are designed to match these or the 10.5L Fabers. These are by far the highest quality twin tank bands available.


  • 316 Stainless Steel construction
  • Bolt kit included with easy screw wheels
  • Wide bands for sturdy assembly
  • 171mm spacing suited to Faber 12.2L/10.5L cylinders