neptune frost tech 7mm semi dry wetsuit

Neptune Frost Tech 7mm Wetsuit

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An Australian made suit the Neptune Frost Tech is an extremely warm semi dry suit suitable for cold water diving environments.

The attached hood assists in maintaining warmth by ensuring a major heat loss area is protected and creates a seal around the face which reduces water entering the suit.

The horizontal TiZip waterproof zipper restricts water movement much more effectively than vertical zippers ensuring maximum warmth.

Made from optimal stretch dive grade neoprene the suit features 7mm panels throughout the core with 5mm panels behind the knees and elbows for flexibility. The Frost Tech is a ladies specific cut with the Dry Ice Tech being the men's specific version.


  • 7/5mm Neoprene Semi Dry
  • Attached Hood
  • TiZip Waterproof Zip
  • Australian Made
  • Size Chart