cressi sl pnueumatic speargun with reducer

Cressi SL Pneumatic Gun w. Reducer

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Known for being robust, reliable, precise and powerful the Cressi SL Star Pnuematic Gun is ultra light and easy to use.


The 8mm steel shaft has a 7mm threaded end allowing it to fit a range of spear tips. The handle is coloured bright yellow making it easier to identify.


The anatomical high grip butt enables the gun to be held in line with the arm making for better aiming at the target.A strong line hook is located at the base of the butt for rigging the life and a safety catch frees the line releasing the shaft once the trigger has been pulled.An incorporated power reducer enables you to dampen the power of the shot which is ideal when you are in close up situations or around rocks and coral reducing potential damage to the shaft and making it easier to remove.


  • Pneumatic speargun
  • 8mm stainless steel tempered shaft
  • 7mm Shaft thread
  • High visibility yellow handle
  • Anatomical high grip butt