Cressi Drylastic Drysuit
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Cressi Drylastic Drysuit

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 Made from 4mm compressed neoprene the Cressi Drylastic Drysuit is a high performance cold water drysuit. Drysuits made from neoprene have an inherent warmth and stretch in the material resulting in the need for less thermals and less air in the suit which has the benefit of less drag and lead being required.

The Cressi Drylastic features 4mm high stretch seals which are robust making them less likely to fail in the field and are also warm providing more thermal protection than silicon or latex seals. A DBM grade YKK brass zipper is a high quality offering superior lifetime durability and strength.

Fitted with Cressi surefit socks that have no seam at the back ensuring a good fit regardless of size. These can be paired with the Cressi Drylastic boot or another form or rock boot or outer boot.

  • 4mm compressed neoprene
  • 4mm high stretch seals
  • DMB Grade YKK brass zipper