Cressi Compass on Retractor

Cressi Compass on Retractor

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Help keep yourself on the right path underwater with the use of the Cressi compass. This compass comes as a module design attached to a handy retractor and is supplied in a pouch that can be easily attached to your weightbelt or BCD webbing via a loop on the back of the pouch.

Underwater compasses differ from land based ones as they are liquid filled in order to survive increasing pressures underwater. The retractor allows you to pull the compass out in front of you for easy viewing ensuring it is being held flat whilst ensuring the compass is securely attached to you and will not be lost if accidentally dropped.

The compass has a phosphorescent face which will glow making it ideal for low light and reduced visibility situations.

  • Console with handy retractor unit
  • Firm grip bezel
  • Phosphorescent compass card
  • Balanced for southern hemisphere